Dog food from the Wellness brand is manufactured by the company named Old Mother Hubbard. This enterprise was founded almost a century ago - in 1926, as an additional unit to a family current baking business. Back in 1961, the Old Mother Hubbard was acquired by an animal nutritional specialist, and the company moved to Lowell, Massachusetts this year. The new line of products, named Wellness, was developed in the 1990's, by Jim Scott Jr., who was the CEO of the company at that period. But dog nutrition food from Wellness brand was released to the market of pet food only several years ago - in 1999. Headquarters of the producer are located in Tewksbury, state Massachusetts. Besides producing the dog food, Old Mother Hubbard Company also has product lines for cats, and formulas of pet treats.


The dog food from the above stated brand can be purchased in canned or dry varieties. Nowadays on the market you may encounter 3 product lines: Simple food Solutions, Super5Mix, and Wellness CORE. ??All of them are marketed by Wellness and are designed to satisfy needs of those dog owners, who seek for special nutritional formulas for dogs they have.


Customer reviews and attitudes towards the Wellness brand food are mostly positive. This company (The Old Mother Hubbard) has made a good reputation on the market and among their target audience, only few customers did not get what they expected from Wellness brand products. High quality ingredients were one the top reasons for purchasing dog food from this brand. But some dog owners, whose pets have a sensitive digestive system, reported some nutritional problems when the dogs were switched from their regular food to the food from the Wellness brand. There was one case, when a dog owner found the Wellness food bag filled with insects, but most probably this issue raised due to incorrect storage at the retailer???s warehouse.