Natural Balance brand canine nutrition is produced by Natural Balance Pet Foods company, the other name of which is “Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods”. It was first founded in 1989, and its founding father was, as it is easy to guess, Dick Van Patten. Today, Natural Balance Pet Foods produces many different nutrition formulas. Natural Balance Pet Foods is an unusual company which manufactures not only nutrition rations for home pets, but also zoologically adapted rations for wild animals living in captivity, such as bears, wolves, tigers and lions. Natural Balance Pet Foods is a responsible company which took part in some “green” programs, like Katrina Hurricane Rescue Program where they were searching for lost pets.

Natural Balance Pet Foods’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. It is interesting to know that the rations produced by Natural Balance Pet Foods are chosen as official canine nutrition of the dogs used by US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.


Due to the fact that Natural Balance canine nutrition rations are, like it is said by the manufacturer, suitable for “All Life Stages”, dogs owners can give them to kids, adults and seniors. Natural Balance dry canine nutrition rations are considered to be rather natural, they contain high-quality meat and vegetables. All Natural Balance canine nutrition rations include only natural preservatives (mixed tocopherols – Vitamin E). Moreover, Natural Balance canine nutrition contains Canola Oil, a very useful ingredient which enriches a dog’s ration with omega 3 and monunsaturated fat.

Natural Balance nutrition also has some specific rations for puppies, because their growing organisms should receive special nutrition. These rations do not have daily dozes, because in Natural Balance, they think puppies would know themselves when to stop eating, after having consumed a sufficient doze of nutrients.




The reports of dog owners about Natural Balance brand canine nutrition were very positive. They describe numerous benefits of this nutrition, like perfect digestibility, maintaining healthy weight, nice shining coat, etc. Natural Balance canine nutrition includes human grade protein sources in their formulas, which is, from most dog owners’ point of view, a good factor. On the other hand, the rations could be higher in protein, and the first ingredient in some of their formulas is Sweet Potato. This is what dogs owners dislike.

As for digestive problems, there were exceptionally rare cases. Just a few dog owners reported about their dogs having flatus and loose stools after they began to eat some of the Natural Balance canine nutrition rations. However, these symptoms showed themselves only with specific formulas, and in almost 100% cases disappeared when switching to another Natural Balance formula.