Nutrisource brand canine nutrition is produced by the company named Tuffy’s Pet Foods. Tuffy’s Pet Foods was founded in 1947, and was first producing nutrition for livestock. Its founding father was Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson, and working together with him, there was his son, Kenny Nelson. After some time, the Nelsons family also developed successful nutrition formulas for home pets.


Nutrisource brand canine nutrition rations are rich with protein, and meat or meat meal are usually their first two ingredients. Also in the top 5 components of most formulas, there are commonly such products white and brown rice, oatmeal and barley. Also, chicken fat is often included. Among other components, there may be corn gluten and fish meal, dried egg product, brewers yeast, beet pulp, flax seeds, sunflower oil. The formulas also contain natural flavors to enrich taste.




Customers are rather positive about Nutrisource brand canine nutrition. It’s interesting that they state that the quality of rations has recently become higher, so they guess that Nutrisource could have recently changed their formulas. And it is true that previously Nutrisource formulas contained poultry fat instead of chicken fat, poultry by-products and other low-quality components. Nowadays, Nutrisource’s formulas are free of such ingredients. Dog owners are inspired by positive impact of Nutrisource, such as high nutritional value, maintenance of healthy weight, good digestion, increased energy, healthy shiny coat. Only a few dog owners noticed that their pets suffered from digestive problems, such as vomiting, but this was only in first days of feeding them with Nutrisource brand canine nutrition rations.