Nutro brand canine nutrition is produced by Nutro Products, Inc. The company Nutro Products is located in Industry, California. It was founded long ago in 1926, and its founding father was John Saleen. He purchased a canine nutrition company and reorganized it, giving it the name ???Nutro Products???. Saleen ran the company together with his family until 1976, when he sold it to other owners. In 1985, the company introduced its popular MAX line of pet nutrition. Nutro Products works with an unusual advertising program, where the main marketing tool was printing and distributing scientific literature about nutrition demands of dogs and cats. This program was working rather long, and in these brochures, components of Nutro brand pet nutrition were compared to nutrition rations of their competitors. In 2007, Mars, Incorporated bought Nutro Products. Except for Nutro MAX, there are other two lines of canine nutrition under the brand of Nutro: Nutro ULTRA and Nutro NATURAL CHOICE. Unfortunately, before 2007 Nutro MAX and Nutro ULTRA contained harmful melamine, due to which the company was involved in a great pet food recall.


Nutro brand canine nutrition rations contain a very high amount of rice. Whole brown rice, rice bran and ground rice are among the top five ingredients of their formulas. The most common sources of protein are lamb and chicken. Also, among the first five components of the formulas, for example, Nutro Ultra Large Breed Puppy, and other MAX formulas, there appears corn gluten meal. The ULTRA formulas are healthier due to absence of artificial preservatives and antioxidants fighting free radicals which destroy tissue cells.


There are both positive and negative customer testimonials about Nutro brand canine nutrition. Most of the negative reviews consider it very bad that Nutro rations have been involved in pet food recalls. Dog owners impressed by this think that they will never buy Nutro products. Also, dog owners dislike corn gluten contained in the formulas. That is the reason why a few dogs suffer from nutrition allergies from Nutro rations. Negative symptoms with Nutro brand canine nutrition include digestive problems, itching and hair loss, dry and flaking skin. When the dogs were fed with other rations brands, many dog owners stated that health problems disappeared. On the other hand, other dog owners who were feeding their dogs with Nutro brand canine nutrition on a regular basis did not see any problems.