Kennel syndrome - Time of fear and when is it better to move to a new home

It is believehidingdogd that there is a special time when the dog is particularly easy to imprint the situations associated with fear, and this time is guilty of some phobias, encountered in dogs.

It is believed that this special period falls on the end of the second - the beginning of the third month of puppy's life (8-10 weeks). Traumatic experiences obtained during this period, may subsequently consolidate the fear and uncertainty in the behavior of dogs associated with specific sounds, objects, or places. For this reason, in this period it is not recommended to make any dramatic changes in the puppy's familiar environment.

Changing of ownership in this period should be taken with a great care. It is necessary to let the puppy to get used to his new surroundings and to experience his "time of fear" in a stable environment. It is better not to combine moving to a new home with any frightening procedures, such as grooming or traumatic transportation.

One of the best periods to move to a new home - the peak period of socialization, which accounts for 1.5-2 months of age (6-8 weeks). People are a big part of the social environment of the dog and the dog must learn the ability to communicate with them. During this period the diverse environment for working out some life strategies and behaviors, is the most important.

And here comes another - also very important time - a time of games, when the games are a serious matter, which allows to learn the correct way of handling the social partners and learn how to confidently cope with various life situations. Limited ability to obtain such an experience is impoverishing the young dog's behavior, so we will have to get back to talking about poverty.