How To House Train Your Puppy

Sure it is one of the most exiting moments in the life of your family - when the new puppy just arrived. Of course this little fluffy creature immediately becomes the center of everyone's attention. But it is very important for you to remember, that the arrival of this cutie first of all means allot of work to you, and allot of new studies for your pup. So the proper puppy training must become one of your priorities for the next several weeks.

Right now your puppy is the "white paper" and he will need your help to fit into the life of your family and household. And it will totally depend on you if your pup will grow in a properly trained excellent pet, or just become a disaster for your family and neighbors. Now, when he is little - is the most right time for you to form and shape his character and habits, which means that his whole future is in your responsible hands.

If you are new with dogs, it may shock you at first that your puppy is cosing allot of mess - running and jumping everywhere, constantly chewing your belongings and making his toilet in completely wrong places. Well, that's what all puppies do! Your job here is to provide him a right training and socialization, then he will grow up to a dog you and your family will be really proud of.

As a start every new puppy owner has his first task - puppy house training. And the first thing to remember (it actually is important for any kind of dog training) - the best results you will always get if you choose a non-violent way. Rewarding and prising your dog is always working allot better and bringing you a stronger results, than punishing, shouting or violent threat. Remember also, that you have to start educating your puppy as soon as he arrives at your house. Do not wait until he will gain any bad habits or undesirable behaviors - it is never too early to start training, but in some cases it may be too late.

Only you have to understand, that a puppy is, well.. still a puppy. Which means, that you can not seriously expect him to be able to concentrate on something for a long time or to hold himself with the toilet for long. So try to make your training sessions to look like a game, have fun and make them short but often. As a matter of fact this will be exactly the time and the perfect opportunity to build a strong positive relationship between you and your dog. Don't forget, your dog will stay with you for about 10 years (even more if you lucky enough) and all this time you will prefer to deal with the decent pet and a faithful friend instead of trying to cope with an eternal disaster, wouldn't you?

The very first thing your new puppy needs (apart from food and healthcare) - a proper house training. Some dog owners may tell you that is turns out to be very difficult to house train a young dog. Well, in fact it is not so necessary to go through the world of pain really. Your puppy will study everything fast and easy if you will just remember and follow few simple rules:

- it is better to prevent a mistake, than to correct it, so try to keep an eye on your puppy as often, as you can especially for the first couple of weeks;

- always be enthusiastic to reward your puppy any time he shows the right behavior;

- do not blame your puppy if he made a mistake, find out where YOU were wrong.

From the equipments you will need a good crate - big, safe and comfortable enough. Also you can arrange a special area for your puppy, where you will put his bed, toys and a bowl with water, make sure this area is not close to his doggy toilet.

Choose the place, where it will be allowed for your puppy to make his toilet. Do not let your puppy to run free in the house when you are busy with something else - keep him in his crate or his special area. Every hour take him to his toilet place (you can carry him or take him on the leash). You will need to choose a certain word that you will use to make your dog to understand - it's a toilet time ("go potty", "hurry up" etc) and keep saying it while you are walking with your pup around his toilet place. Always use the same word - it will be the first command you will teach your dog. If your puppy will make his toilet in the proper place, let him to understand how happy you are about him and reward him with some tasty treat. In case your puppy does not show any willing to make toilet within 4-5 minutes after you brought him to the toilet place, just take him to his crate and bring him back after twenty minutes or half an hour. When he finally made his toilet in the right place immediately let him to play free for some time in the house (with you and under your supervision) then put him back to his crate or his special area.

Now you will have to continue with this schedule until you will see that your puppy got it right. Before bedtime do not feed your puppy and take away his water (you will put it back as a first thing in the morning). At first you will need to set an alarm to take your young dog to his toilet area once or maybe twice in the night until he will grow up enough to hold it.

Of course during his house training your puppy will make some mistakes. Never punish him for those. Just do your best to prevent this things from happening and if they happened clean everything very well for the smell not to stay and not to confuse your puppy with the toilet place.

Also do not forget to take your dog to the toilet after every meal and after every nap-time.

If you will stick to this training program and do everything properly, it will not take long before your puppy will study where and when he can eliminate. Do not forget to reward him enthusiastically any time he will show the right behavior.