Obedience Training (introduction)
Obedience Training is important. Obedience Training is vital for the healthy relationship between you and your dog. Obedience Training is what ideally every dog owner has to provide for his dog. This and many other similar opinions you will certainly here as long as you have a dog and you decided to make at least a smallest research about owning one.
Why? Is is not enough that your cute little pup is naturally smart (look, how fast he could remember not to do his poo in the house!) Well... No. It's not enough. The first rule of a responsible dog owner says: Get your puppy to behave the way you wish to see in an adult dog. And true it is!
You would not really like your adult German Shepherd or even a Chihuahua to be excessively barking out there on the yard or jump on your guest's shoulders just because your dog is so happy to meet a new people? Of course not.
Would you like to enjoy going out with your Great Dane or Bedlington Terrier and be sure, that your beloved pet will be getting along perfectly with the other animals or people? Would you like to know that your dog knows enough to be safe in almost any situation? Of course yes!
And that is the main goal of the Obedience Training. It is actually the best thing you can do for your dog because:
It will allow your dog to know exactly his place in the world, to know, what is right and what is wrong and not to be confused with whatever situations. Remember: dogs see the world in black and white, so they appreciate and naturally tend to follow the rules.
Obedience trained dog can be a lot more trusted and therefore they are getting more freedom. That would lead to a better quality of your dog's life and benefit you, of course, for it is a big pleasure to be around this kind of a well behaving pet, who is confident in almost any kind of surroundings and situations.
Obedience training is a great opportunity for you to become a real leader for your dog and to build with your dog a relationship full of mutual respect and trust.
After all, the Obedience Training is just a great fun for both - you and your dog. Getting your dog trained, you by yourself will gain many new experiences, new skills and new knowledge.
Also, while training your dog, you will develop a perfect way of communication between you and your dog and this is a great thing, because you will know what to expect from your dog in any situation and your dog will know for sure, what exactly he is expected to do.
So basically by providing your dog with the Obedience Training, you automatically provide yourself with a happy secured life. And what is even more important - you guarantee the same kind of life to your dog. What can be worth it?