Dog kisses - Train your dog to "give a kiss"

Everybody like this nice and funny trick - when the dog is "kissing" someone on the owner's request. Kids like it, adults like it, even those, who never had a dog - like it. Also it appears to be very easy to teach a dog to do this trick.

You will need:

1. Something tasty, some treat, Your dog would like to get. In the same time it should be something, that can be smeared easily: jam, butter or a creamy cheese.

2. You may need a small stairs or a chair in case You are going to train a tiny dog, like Chihuahua or a mini Poodle.

3. In case Your are teaching "kissing" trick some breed like Great Dane or Mastiff, You should keep a towel or some napkins beside, because this kind of dogs normally may give allot of saliva, when they see something really tasty.

Now You can start training.

First You have to place some amount of a tasty treat You've chosen on Your hand or cheek.

Then You mast give Your voice order (for example "kiss me") to Your dog.

Put Your hand or cheek close to the dog, for the dog to lick it. Normally most of the dogs like this part most.

Now all You have to do - is to continue practicing this little trick two-three times a day for several days, until You dog will remember it very well.

And that's it! Now You can surprise Your friends and family with the new skills of Your beloved pet.

Some dogs naturally tend to lick their owner's face or hands (or both) -You can use it. Any time You dog would lick You, say "kiss me" and give some treat or click a clicker to let Your dog to understand that You like this behavior on this exactly command.


Some dogs are getting too found of kisses and sometimes already can not stop themselves from kissing You. In this case You should teach Your dog to stop on the command too. Just say "stop it" or "enough" and when the dog stops give a treat or click a clicker. Keep repeating those, until Your dog will be able to stop licking You on Your command.

Some dogs hesitate to lick faces, in this case just teach Your dog to kiss You on the hand, using the same method. Maybe it's even better, because it could be, that not everyone, who is visiting You would really love to be kissed by Your dog on his face. In this situation a kiss on the hand is allot better.