Dog Whispering: Is It a Magic?

What does it mean - to be a Dog Whisperer?

Imagine someone, who can "speak dog's language", someone, who is able to perform a "two-ways" communication with the canine species, someone, who trained himself to understand, what is the dog "saying" and why... A Dog Whisperer. A person, who could learn to deeply understand, how exactly the dog's mind and natural instincts are working, and according to his studies this person is building a special - very strong - bonds between him and the dog, allowing the pure communication, free of all those barriers and obstacles, that usually separate and disturb humans and dogs from understanding each other.

No matter how much we do love our dogs, unfortunately it is not possible for both of us to just sit and talk, to discuss our problems, like humans can do with each other, and to find the solutions by just using a verbal way of communication. What is the Dog Whisperer doing, is trying to communicate in the way, that the dogs are able to understand and - as a result - respond adequately.

Sadly, in most of the cases the relationship between humans and dogs is built on the "one way" basis, where the human is telling the dog what to do, and the dog has to take it. It happens to the ordinary dog owners, it happens even to a qualified dog trainers. We teach our dogs to understand and respond immediately to our commands, without trying to acknowledge what is the dog actually answering to us.

Have you ever met such a person in your life, that is extremely selfish and dominant and this person is always telling you what to do and where to go. When you are trying to give this person any kind of your own reaction, he don't really seem to pay any attention to those and just keep bringing his messages to you and also he might get furious in case by his opinion you are not really doing well. Of course, you (or anyone else on this place) will not feel exactly happy. More than that - you will feel mistreated, frustrated and humiliated.

And this is exactly the environment, most of the dogs have to live in every single day. Every single day your dog is trying to communicate with you and your family and unfortunately in most of the cases it's not working - most of the people do not understand, what their dogs are trying to tell them, or they understand it wrong.

The thing is, that our dogs are always trying to communicate with us. They use their voice, facial and body movements, energy and scent to bring us the information that is important. Another question is if we can get it in a right way. Or we can not... The dog's language is mostly non-verbal, while humans are not so much used to those. So the main thing a Dog Whisperer is doing - he is putting his own human habits aside to have a chance to study the language of the dog, to have a magical opportunity to create a full, two-ways communication field between himself and the canine species.

As a result of his efforts the Dog Whisperer is able to know and understand the dog's needs and expectations and to respond properly to the signals that are sent to him. Basically, he is now able to "talk" to the dog and to "discuss" with the dog, instead of just giving an orders. Now he is treating a dog as, actually, a dog, not as a barking four-legged human and from this position it appears to be allot easier to form a desirable dog's behavior.

Unfortunately until now many dog lovers are doing and repeating the same mistake. They truly believe, that they do just everything to give their beloved pets a happy life: toys, dog treats, special clothes, etc. But the fact is that our dogs really need something else. A Dog Whisperer is giving something that is making sense to the dog and that's how he is able to provide those dog a really happy, harmonious and healthy life.

Picture this - quite common, actually - situation: you are trying to teach your dog to come back to you on your command. As you was told in many books written by many "experienced" dog trainers, you are giving your dog a command: "come here" (for example) with that special tune - demanding and a bit aggressive (because they told you to show "who's the boss"). What is your dog doing? Probably, the poor pup is licking his nose, maybe he is bowing, wagging his tale - anything, but not coming to you. You are getting angry and repeat your command raising your voice. Now your dog may even turn his back to you. Is it making you any happier? Is that a result, you actually expected? Probably - no.

So, what we have here: your dog was giving you a calming signals in respond to your demanding manner. In respond - you was showing even more aggressive behavior. Your dog is confused, maybe even scared - anything, but not eager to come to you on the command.

The main point of a Dog Whispering is to make your dog to WISH to work together with you. And this is what is happening when you show the dog that you do understand the dog's needs, when you speak the same language, when you are creating this special atmosphere between yourself and your dog - when the dog is CHOOSING to work together with you, instead of being scared, forced or pushed to perform obedience.

The best thing is that anyone can become a Dog Whisperer. If you will choose a non-violent, encouraging, motivational way to treat your dog, finally you might be very much surprised how far this relationship may go and how amazingly great the result of this kind of training (well, yes, it is still a training) may appear. Of course, as all people are different and not all dogs are the same, someone will be more successful in a Dog Whispering, someone - less, but the main point is that it is NOT a magic. Dog Whispering is absolutely available for anyone, who is just ready to give it some attention, some time and some efforts. Dog Whispering is something, you can start to study TODAY, right now, with your own dog, if you will just listen to what does he say.