Training books

No matter if you have a dog already, or you are just planning to get one - one of the most important things you should do - get enough information about a dog training. Of course you wish your dog to be the best in everything, of course you wish everyone to love this little cute pup, just like you do, but we all do not give our love and affection for nothing (no matter, how it sounds - it is still true). Train your dog for your family to love her, educate your dog for your neighbors to tell each other, that it is the best dog they ever met, find the way to establish a constant understanding between you and your dog for the better and happier life of you both.

Even before (especially before) you purchase your puppy, try to get some information about the dog training and dog behaviors. It will help you to be prepared for many situations with your new dog and to solve most of the problems even before they will appear. One of the best sources for this kind of information... Books, of course! There are thousands of books written to help you to understand your dog better and to become the best trainer for your own pup.

dont shoot the dogOne of the best books ever written about the animals bahavior is "Don't Shoot the Dog" by Karen Pryor.

You can name a lot of people, who are able to easily control individuals or even the huge collectives, who know, how to achieve the best results in this - many military commanders, ministers, directors, foremen are doing this naturally easy. However, the vast majority of people do not have such talent, they often lack the life experiences, so as to avoid the absurd conflicts, stress and other troubles at work and at home, they would with the greatest pleasure read a good, smart book that contains answers to at least the most simple things of life issues: how to make the children behaved and obedient, how to create a supportive environment at home or at work,

finally, how to stop the cat from scratching the sofa, and a from dog barking uproariously.

"This book - writes Karon Pryor, - would not provide you with educated children, and it does not promise to give you some specific skills or results. What you will get here - is that knowledge of basic principles underlying any training, and some basic settings, creative application of these principles in different situations. In other words, it will give you the "art" of training. It can help you overcome the troubles that you had for many years and to achieve results in cases where you maybe were unsuccessful before." Karen Pryor was born to well-known American writer and naturalist, Philip Wylie. From her early childhood in her surroundings were animals. In the early 60's, almost immediately after graduation from Cornell University, she became the main trainer of dolphins in just established aquarium "Sea Life" in Hawaii. Life does not give her time to buildup, and the path from the novice to the master - the great coach, who owns whole arsenal of techniques developed by the behaviourist school to study learning process, and implemented it in the unique representation of a dolphin circus, it is almost instantaneous. However, Karen Pryor is not Only trains dolphins, she seeks and finds the ways of understanding them, communicating with them - that's how she became a trainer, known world wide.

Finally, there was written the book "Don't Shoot the Dog" - it is about how to teach almost anything and anyone using principles of reinforcement learning.

"SitStayFetch", written by Daniel Stevens is one of the best books, that may help you deal with your dog. Whatever problems may arise, while you are training your puppy - you will find the right answer in one of the chapters. Daniel Stevens wrote this book from his own experience with dog training. As an experienced trainer he collected all of the best training methods in his book, what makes "SitStayFetch" an irreplaceable handbook of any and every dog owner. Moreover, this book is one of the easiest guidances ever written about dog training, the training tips are supported by more than a hundred photos, helping you to follow correctly the advices of the author on the correction of your dog's behavior, training your dog the basics of obedience and even on the dog whispering.

There is no secret that many of us - dog owners are having the same attitude to our pups, that we have to our children. Those, who are far away from the world of dog lovers may smile, but for the dog trainer our attitudes are making sense. "Parenting Your Dog: Develop Dog-Rearing Skills for a Well-Trained Companion" written by Trish King - is a book proving, that we were right. Trish King is a professional trainer, who decided to get her dog training experience published, for more of us - dog lovers - could share her ideas and improve our lives and the lives of our dogs.

the culture clash"The Culture Clash" written by Jean Donaldson will be a huge help for those, who would like to understand their dogs better, to know, how the dogs think, how they see the things and why do they perform this or another behaviors in respond for some certain moves of their owners and the people around. With the help of this book you will be able to train your dog, according to your new knowledge about the dog's nature and make your life with your dog better.

Many dog owners would like their dogs not only to know the rules of the basic obedience, but also to study some nice and funny tricks to perform before friends and family. "The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book" written by Gerilyn Bielakiewicz is one of the best training books, that helps the dog owners to teach their dogs many exiting tricks using the clicker training.

If you are living in the city and you own a dog, then you know for sure: dog in the city is topic of a very special discussion. How to train your dog not to bark in the apartment with the thin walls? How to teach your dog not to be afraid of a high a sudden city noises? How to raise up a dog, that would be easily oriented in the busy streets?

You will find the answers for these and many other questions in the "Urban Dog" - The Ultimate Street Smarts Training Manual, written by Cis Frankel. This author is not only a well known expert in a crate training, housebreaking and obedience. Also Cis Frankel was working with the Spaniels of Oprah Winfrey - the famous TV star.

It is very well known, that a lot of people purchase a dog as a companion for the family and as a friend for their kids. And it is very well known, that sometimes life with both - dogs and children - is not so easy as it seems from the first glance.

living with kids and dogs book"Living With Kids and Dogs ... Without Loosing Your Mind" by Coleen Pelar will make many thing clear. Start from choosing the right breed for your family and study how you can deal with both - children and dogs and create a healthy friendly atmosphere for the better and happier life of all your family members (including the four-legged ones of course).

Some of us own a dogs of a very energetic breeds, that needs a great deal of mental and physical work to be happy and healthy. And - after all - it's just so much fun to participate in some sports like agility together with your dog.

guide to dog agility book"The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility" - is just the book you need if you was ever thinking to start the agility training with your dog. It will help you to study the basics of agility and to get prepared for the more serious trainings later.

Laurie Leach in her book collected the advices, that are easy to follow and she also provided this brilliant Guide with loads of illustrations, which makes the whole process of reading and studying easy and fun.

There is a book, that is highly recommended for reading even before you will get your first dog. "Before and After Getting Your Puppy" written by Dr. Ian Dunbar - the famous veterinarian and an expert in the dog's behaviors -  will help you in choosing a right breed and a right puppy from the litter, it will guide you with your dog's first steps in your house. Also the book consist of a lot of very useful information on a dog behavior, the prevention of a bad one and the encouraging of a good one.

Basically here you can find an answer for just any possible question, that arises before the new dog owner.

If you have any kind of a Retriever and you would like him actually to retrieve, there is a book for both of you. "Hey, Pup, Fetch It Up!" The Complete Retriever Training Book is written by Bill Tarrant, but you could think that it was a Retriever himself, who wrote it.

Starting from choosing a right retriever puppy and up to the field trial training and competitions - every word of this wonderful book could be signed confidently by any Retriever. "Hey, Pup" is, probably, one of the very best books written about Retriever training ever.