Gemini Dog

22 May - 21 June

As Gemini dogs are managed by Mercury, they are in constant motion, very energetic and normally very friendly. Some of those dogs are seriously curious. They never get tired, juggernaut is a main characteristic of Gemini dogs and this fact should be considered when purchasing such an animal. After all too energetic and even a little bit nervous dogs may appear to be really annoying.

Everything is interesting for Gemini, everywhere they put their noses. It's difficult to find more appropriate sign for agility or dog races - they look electrified at trainings or competitions, until one might be expecting a short-circuiting. This dogs are welcoming everything new and unusual - whether recently purchased collar or a stranger entering your home. Gemini dogs can hardly be considered as watchdogs, even they often may completely "loose face" trying to please all guests at once.

These dogs are real actors - in each company they behave differently, like chameleons, sensitively determining the rhythm of communication and easily pouring into it.

Your Gemini, regardless of breed, is a true diplomat - despite it's mobility the dog instantly determines the mood of the owner. This dogs are never mistaken - they will never bother you with the game if they see that you are not in the right mood for it. They sure like to be petted, but are naturally very delicate.

Gemini dog can be the best dog on Earth for absolutely every and any person, but only for couple of hours. He can not make it any longer - there is so much to know, so many new dogs, new people, new experiences...

Gemini dogs can be easily adapted to both - urban and farm life, but of course they would prefer city with it's noises and crowds. They feel equally fine in a small bachelor flats and in the luxurious and spacious apartments - the main thing for them is an atmosphere of love and goodwill. But it's very important not to leave them alone for a long time. Gemini do not like confined spaces and a locked door can drive them really crazy, they can take the most unexpected steps to get out of the "prison". So if there is a Gemini dog in your house - better if all the doors will be always opened.

One of the unpleasant features of Gemini dog nature - the desire for a loud prolonged barking for any reason and even without one. Moreover, this creature simply can not be happy without barking and increased motor activity.

But Gemini are absolutely not jealous, so you can bring to the same house with them any other dogs and even cats without fear. The only thing you will face in this case - a noisy rapid chase. Gemini dogs perfectly fit in kids games, this dog will never grab the child even as a joke.

Another small point of Gemini - they are very selective with the food. To please such a dog is very difficult and many owners complain from their pet's poor appetite.

Gemini-puppy are always moving - even when they sleep. In your home they will have the same trust to every member of the family, which makes it allot easier to train them. For this little creature you should get as much toys as you can, otherwise he may start to chew your belongings. For Gemini puppies it's quite difficult to start training, so try not to make your first classes with them too long, not to get them bored. While educating them you shouldn't use any kind of "pressure", because Gemini have a very sensitive nervous system.

Every day Gemini needs new impressions, so no matter how busy you are, try to find enough time to take them for a walk to some new places. Your trips should be sufficiently frequent and prolonged for the Gemini-puppy "blow off the steam".

Training of Gemini dogs should better be going in the company of the other dogs. Individual classer are just not for this extra-communicative creatures. It may take allot of forces to attract this dog's attention during the lessons - it's so many interesting things around! Gemini are very clever and for them it is very important to study as much as possible and to do it quickly. Sometimes they are eager to move to another command without learning the previous one properly.

Delicate nature of Gemini dogs requires a serious attention to their health care. Bones and joints are the most week place of this dogs, so arthritis and dysplasia may be an often issue. Their digestive system may not work properly all the time, so be ready for some problems with the appetite, diarrhea or - in the opposite - constipation. In some cases the only solution will be - to use digestive enzymes throughout you dog's lifetime. Another issue of Gemini dog's health is hypersensitive skin, therefore they should not stay for a long time in the opes sun - it may cost them pigmented spots or even eczema.

Gemini dogs are not the best parents on Earth - they often give their puppies much more freedom, then the little ones actually require. Therefore the control of the owner will be frequently needed to raise up the puppies well.

As for the relationship with the other signs of zodiac - Gemini dogs get along pretty well with most of the animals. Occasionally some difficulties may show up with slow, phlegmatic creatures. The most successful combination will be with Libra, Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius. It's definitely better for Gemini not to meet with Virgo.

So: if you need an active, energetic creature able to fill your entire life completely, Gemini dog will brilliantly cope with this task. But if you don't have enough time and you will need to leave your dog locked up for a long time - Gemini is not for you at all. This kind of dogs will perfectly match with the sporty person who got a plenty of time.