Capricorn Dog

22 December - 20 January

The Capricorn dogs are very poised, calm animals who will easily accept your family order and strictly follow it. The best life for them - is life with the solid schedule. This dogs can not survive in a disorganized families without any kind of regime. Capricorn dogs may even teach their owner some order for he has to feed his dog and take it out for a walk always strictly at the same time regardless of the weather and any other circumstances.

This dog is really devoted to the owner and loves him in it's own way. Capricorn dog will slowly but surely contribute to the welfare of the family he is living with. This dog will discipline his people and teach them sequence and cautious perseverance in reaching their goals.

Purchasing a Capricorn puppy you must be ready for some surprises. First of all, this little creatures are already behaving quite like an adult dogs. They seem to know and understand so much, that the owner doesn't have to watch them every single minute. Many of Capricorn dogs are very stubborn - especially trying to impose their credibility on everyone including sometimes even the owner. The basis for such a stubbornness would be their inherent self-esteem and self-confidence.

Capricorn puppy has a real fixation on a little things and constant order. Everything in his life must be always happening clearly in the same time and by the same scenario. Even the change of surroundings, walking rout or his menu will not at all please this puppy, but in the opposite - cost him uneasiness and discomfort. No rush, no familiarity. All roles are clearly defined. This puppy will be very much devoted to his owner and the owner must show the same devotion in return. No place must be left for opponents.

All matters relating to education of Capricorn puppy will not be difficult if you will start training as soon as possible and be as perseverance and patient as you can. Be also consistent. This puppy will not understand any changes in your requirements. However, everything Capricorn puppy has already learned - he will never forget. He will never fuss at the training place or be too naughty, but you must not forget that this dogs require enough exercises. Capricorn dog will be a perfect guard of his house or his yard. For the sake of an opportunity to protect your house and your belongings this dog will tolerate even the necessity to stay outside of those house.

Regarding Capricorn's health it should be mentioned that his weaknesses are skin and skeleton. Make sure that the parents of your puppy don't have a dysplasia issues for the Capricorn dogs are very often to inherit those. You can avoid the complexities associated with the skin problems easily if you will be extra careful choosing food for your puppy as well as shampoos and conditioners. Food should be nutritious but not too fat, because Capricorn dogs have an excellent appetite and may gain extra weight easily.

Capricorn dogs are not at all found of some noisy society. The owner alone is quite enough for them. In case you want or need to live in the same house with the other dogs your Capricorn would prefer Libras, Cancers or Scorpios. Still it's better for him to stay alone with his darling master.