Libra Dog

24 September - 23 October

Libra is the seventh zodiac sign and traditionally would be associated with the establishment and development of close relationships (love, close friendship). Many astrologers consider Libra as a sign of balance and harmony. When it comes to personal relationships, then, quite often, in the opposite to popular opinion, Libras are going through the stage of uncertainty, which leads to a change of the relationship status, or a change in deductions, or emotional disposition - up and down, pros and cons, etc. Do not lose hope! Sooner or later Libra will come into equilibrium.

Libra dogs should be taken out for a walk on a daily basis, because they need to hang out with the other dogs - communication is vital for this creatures. There is a good advantage for the Libra dog owner - to be introduced not only to another dogs, but also to another people - their owners. Libras are influenced by Venus - the goddess of love, therefore you should not keep this dog away from the others even in a time of their hit.

Dogs Libras are naturally calm and peaceful. They rarely show strong negative emotions, but if they "ran off the rails", be aware of their anger. Fortunately, they are not easily offended. If any kind of misunderstanding happened to appear between you and your Libra dog , do not take it seriously - it is not for long.

The appearance of the Libra dog in your house (or any other dogs during the Libra's period of time) may coincide with this stage of your life when you need communication and understanding, Libra dogs to some extent are compensating for the lack of human understanding. This dog may also be a sign of the upcoming wedding or the establishment of close friendship. Very soon you will be able to achieve harmony in the relationship with your dog, Libra dogs are not so picky, as some people are.

Dogs born under the sign of Libra are very friendly, peace-loving and sociable. They are very gay and eager to jump and play, so do not put them on a chain. Libras are so good natured - nothing bad sticks to them.

Sociability of Libra dogs may create some difficulties if the owner tends to leave his dog alone at home. But on the other hand - this dogs also do not like crowds. Everywhere they are looking for a right proportion.

Libras normally have an excellent appetite. You will have no problems to feed them. These dogs need long walks, jogging, training. But be careful: in cold and hot weather Libras may become seriously ill.

Libra puppies are very gentle and decent. They are extremely clean because the quest for beauty and elegance is in their blood.

Training of Libra dog will not be easy. Try to pick up for this purpose a suitable environment and the company that will not be stressing the young dog beyond measure, try to give your orders with a quiet and calm voice.

Dogs born under the sign of Libra normally live long and healthy life. Some diseases are more likely linked to the old age, rather than to the feature of the sign. Female Libras are usually very good mothers.They always have enough milk, puppies do not annoy them, but ... only up to 6-8 weeks of age.

Libra dogs does not like fights and conflicts, so with them you will always feel calm and cozy, but do not try to take them as a watch dogs - they are not really good in this.