Virgo Dog

23 August - 22 September

Virgo dogs are controlled by Mercury, which is a big reason for a certain lightness of their nature and this fact allows them to spend their free time playing with sparrows and butterflies. A passion for fun with those who essentially concedes in size and intellect, can lead Virgo dogs to different curiosities.

There was, for example, an English setter, a clear Virgo, of course, who loved to play with worms and could spend hours doing this even in the rain. And it was simply impossible to drive him home until he will play enough. This is just one example proving how Virgo dogs can get pleasure from communication with the outside world.

If you want your Virgo dog to make a fine friendship with the neighbor's pets, you should get them to know each other as soon as possible and better at the young age. In general, dogs born under this sign are very friendly and charming with family members. This creature is able to be very sensitive and capture all the nuances of the owner's mood, so they are indispensable companions in joy and in sorrow.

Despite their sensitivity, Virgos are usually reserved in the manifestation of their emotions. This dog even after a long separation will not jump on you and lick your face. But you will always feel your dog's unobtrusive attention to yourself. The best thing on Earth for a gentle and loyal Virgo dogs is to lie at the feet of the owner while watching TV every night. These animals are very careful, cautious, all their decisions or actions they are contemplating carefully and take enough time for those.

Another feature of the aristocratic Virgo's nature - being picky everything: food, dating, etc. Taste of Virgos is so refined, that very often the animals themselves suffer from it: most of the Virgos don't have a "super dog's" figure and good appetite.

Virgo dogs are always very clean, normally there is no need for frequent bathing with the use of detergents. Even in the rainy, dirty weather, this dog without any tension will pass the puddles and is quite able to return home even cleaner than he was before he left it.

As for the external features typical for the Virgos - these animals are closer to the lower boundary of the standard. The skeleton is well developed, but does not appear to be too heavy which provides the speed of motion and maneuverability. Glossy thick hair complements Virgo's image. In general, Virgo dog should give the impression of grace, ease and beauty, as the collie, doberman or greyhound. Despite this, the Virgo dogs are very strong and require calm and smooth handling from the owner.

Little Virgo puppies are very clever and almost noiseless. It is a nonsense that they will bother you barking or howling without a good reason. Some happy owners can not get even one sound out of this puppies at the first few weeks in the new home. We'll have to suffer with feeding. Puppies Virgos often bring their new owners to complete frustration, refusing not only from cereals and cheese, but also from the veal! While in the same time this little tomboy with an enviable appetite can gobble up a fish or ruffled soft pickle.

Puppies Virgos have an amazing ability to learn and copy, they are very clever. Due to the innate intelligence and decency juniors quickly acquire the skill of being clean in the house.

To keep the puppy's wool in a fine condition and stimulate blood circulation in the outer layers of the skin, regularly comb your puppy with a special brush made of natural bristle. Our puppies Virgos have their skin too delicate, so do not wash them with shampoo too often, only in the case of radical pollution. After the bath it would be good to apply special balsam conditioner for the hair - it will prevent the excessive dryness of the skin and brittle hair.

Puppy Virgo will be desperate for almost "every-minute" confirmation of your love - caresses, stroking, gentle words. This is necessary for the formation of further social relations of your dog with the other dogs and with people. More or less all Virgos are slaves to their own habits, they do not like it when the time of feeding or walking is changed, when someone from the family members decided to pour water into another bowl or removed from under the sofa Virgo's favorite bone.

Training of Virgo dogs may be quite easy, because they love to learn and are very talented.This dog enthralls feeling of being wanted, when it quickly and accurately accomplishes the request of the master. Undoubtedly, these animals are excellent working dogs when trained properly.

While training your Virgo dog, always keep in mind that it's hard for it to focus on the same thing for a long time. In this case it would be necessary to show your appreciation. A tired dog, hearing the delight in the voice of the master, will retry complex and not interesting for him exercise just to get you to yet another confirmation of its indispensability. Anyway Virgos get a great satisfaction from work. For the "revival" of skills from time to time training are required.

Virgo dogs parents. Despite the fact that all the Virgos love to take care of small and helpless creatures, a young mother would be happy to receive all your help, especially if there is a lot of puppies. But for Virgos large litter is not an often case. Mother Virgo is usually strict with puppies and does not allow them anything extra.

Virgo fathers, if they have such an opportunity, do not skip their duties and pleasure to walk their kids, introducing them to the wonderful world.

Health care. All Virgos tend to hypochondria (bad mood). Although apathy may be the first sign of impending illness, do not be surprised if the vet did not find any alarming symptoms. Virgo is a Virgo! God only knows why, but the Virgo dogs often have problems with parasites.The only way out - regular antihelminthic activities. Another weakness of virgins - metabolic disease, pancreatic, leukemia and cancer.

Relations with other zodiac signs might be quite complicated. The best relationships are formed with Virgos, Cancers, Tauruses and Capricorns.

So: If you would not refuse to amuse your ego, then the Virgo dog perfectly suits you, this animal is a born showman, often winning prizes at the most prestigious exhibitions. Virgos are extremely sociable and can be trained easily.