Pisces Dog

21 February - 20 March

Pisces dogs are incredibly sensitive. This exactly quality of their character allows this dogs to understand people without any spoken words. It may happen that your Pisces dog will jump suddenly on your visitor and even try to bite him - do not be in a hurry to punish the animal. Sooner or later this visitor will show himself and not from a very best of his sides. So if you need a detector of friends and enemies - purchase yourself a Pisces dog.

The sign of Pisces is controlling subconscious and therefore the Pisces dog would feel itself quite confident in this field. It is easy for them to find a right way to one's character and his moods, also this dogs can predict upcoming events. Your task as a master - is to recognize the signals and signs your dog is trying to give you right on time.

Despite that fact that Pisces dogs are sensitive and moody they will survive everything and go till the end if it comes to a fight. But of course if it's up to them they will be most comfortable if they live in a peaceful atmosphere. Their desire for a harmony is clearly expressed in a symbol of Pisces - two fishes swimming to the opposite directions, connected with the rope. And while this rope twists, in other words, while the relationship between the Pisces dog and it's owner are harmonious, the dog will be able to overcome any difficulties.

Pisces dog may become a real comfort for people who have to stay in the hospital, for those dealing with meditation, as well as for those who have to stay in places of voluntary or forced confinement. Only one fact of their presence has a healing effect on the fallen spirit.

Pisces dogs are allot calmer then the other dogs. They are very touching, always are in need of care and attention from the owner. This dogs rarely perform any kinds of aggressive issues. They are peaceful and patient, very fond of other people and animals. Dogs, born under the Pisces sign, would feel the most comfort among children. They just love them. Also you may here allot of amazing stories, told by breeders and Pisces dog's owners about incredible healing effect that comes from this dogs.

Pisces are blessed with outstanding intuition. They clearly define good and bad people. It is almost impossible to trick them.

Dogs born under the sign of Pisces normally are of excellent memory and intelligence. They do not need the rude trainer. Pisces understand everything, they are ready to fulfill all your requirements just because they love you. For them the goal of educating, training - is to please their master, for this reason they are even ready to distract from them beautiful dreams. Most of the Pisces dogs like to have a night life and examine with the great interest all the hidden corners of the house.

Puppy Pisces seems to be weaker and smaller than the others in his age. He loves to lie on the bed or his owner's knees and to hide there from all the surprises of life. They love their master, see him as a king and a God, and protector. They need to develop a sense of confidence.

These dogs should not be used as guard and police dogs. They live in their own rhythm, in a somewhat different world, a more peaceful and less hasty. Even trainings or competitions after 4 pm are contraindicated to Pisces. By this time they are already sleepy, and next morning this dogs wake up with a great difficulty. Any shouting, rude treatment can lead Pisces to a nervous breakdown, depression, panic. But they will make the best companion for travelers and fishermen. All the difficulties of camp life for this dogs become secondary question. Pisces are ready to take stoically almost any difficulties of life for the sake to be together with their adorable owner.

The Pisces dog (or any other dog during the time of Pisces) is likely to appear in your life at the time when you are lonely and depressed and fixated on the past mistakes, or when your brain is melted from the controversy and regrets. Your Pisces dog will help you put everything into the right place. If the family is experiencing some relationship problems, this dog will very well perform in the role of excellent mediator in peace talks.

The health of Pisces dogs is quite fragile and prone to various diseases. There may be problems with the legs and abdomen. The consumption of drugs should be moderate.The dry climate is strongly recommended. The humid climate may cost this dogs some health problems, but however, the sea or the ocean coast, and the places surrounded by mountains are the right ones for Pisces to stay.

All in all, the Pisces dog is right choice for you if you can treat animals with love and respect. Remember - this dogs do not tolerate rude handling. They are natural born actors and therefore they love to give all kind of performances. Pisces dogs have a special talent to make people happy - especially children. And who knows, maybe one day you may receive a phone call from some Hollywood producer and your favorite pet will become a Super Movie Star.