Aquarius Dog

20 January - 21 February

Aquarius - a sign of group consciousness. That is why it would be the most natural zodiac sign for the dogs. A dog born under the sign of Aquarius, will appear eccentric, very smart and often simply ridiculous. Eccentricity of Aquarius dog can be manifested in a passion for unusual toys and unusual people. However, despite all the strangeness of it's behavior, Aquarius dog is intelligent and energetic creature. They do very well with the other pets and behave very friendly toward children.

Your Aquarius dog time after time may greet your neighbors with a very loud bark, which meets only you, but this does not mean that they are more valuable. Courageous Aquarius dog necessarily will provide invaluable assistance in rescue activities and expeditions. It is also perfectly suited for any kind of collective work - take it to any trip with you!

Do not expect permanent manifestation of love and devotion from your Aquarius dog. When you are in trouble, your dog will feel and understand it without words. You may have allot of fun with your dog, but if you have problems, it will never leave you in the difficult situation. But don't expect that every day this dog will flaunt it's love and devotion.

The appearance of the Aquarius dog in your home (or any other dog in the time of Aquarius) may be a reflection of your loneliness and the desire to engage with any friends or friendly relations. In some absolutely incomprehensible way Aquarius dog gives you the renovation of broken spirit and even is able to restore the interrupted friendship. This may become a compensation for the lack of human attention. Do not be discouraged! Your Aquarius dog was brought to you for the good reason.

Aquarius dog might be sometimes a real surprise for it's owner. It will perform every time different reactions on the same people and the same events. This dogs are very cute and very friendly, also they are very mobile, adore new experiences and hate to be bored. Aquarius dog will simply see no need of being aggressive or to fight - what for? Many of it's behaviors no one can understand, sometimes this dog even can hardly understand itself! But if you can accept Aquarius dog for what it is - you will never be bored or sad when your dog is beside you - so funny and comical it is.

Notify to yourself that sometimes Aquarius dogs are quite noisy creatures - they bark very loud and mostly for no reason. The best way to get the good behavior out of this dog - is to apply to it's love towards the owner. For the master's sake Aquarius dog will do almost anything and show perfect results in training and competitions. Just remember, that training should not be monotonous. It's better to give it to Aquarius dog as a new game and change the tasks often. the comprehension of Aquarius is amusing, this dog is able to understand you without words. As for the words... Aquarius is natural born linguist. This dog does not need orders - it's quite enough if you will just talk to Aquarius dog. Maybe the dog will do what you want...

This wonderful creature is not a leader at all. Aquarius is ready to be friend for everyone, but can not dominate. Why waste all this time for gaining some leadership when there is so many new and interesting things and events around?!

Female Aquarius dog is getting tired from the role of a "good mother" pretty soon - this task is too boring and monotonous for her. In fact she remembers that she have puppies at all only when it comes to games and fun. So she will easily trust you to raise up her kids.

Aquarius dog is usually in a good health, but can not stand the heat. Especially it needs vitamins and fresh air. Varicose veins, circulatory and heart activity disorders may be an issue here. This dogs may get hurt or wounded during some trips or relocation.

In general Aquarius dogs are very inventive and easy to be trained. Sometimes they can surprise you with their behavior and performance of tricks that you never taught them. Aquarius dog is very extravagant in it's manners and loves to surprise the other dogs in the neighborhood by its appearance. For them it's the way to show their uniqueness and originality. Aquarius dogs are well known for their excessive curiosity and fearlessness, even when they have to dial with modern technologies. Do not be surprised if one day your Aquarius dog will use the keyboard and try to program your PC.