Cancer Dog

22 June - 22 July

Every creature born under this sign is controlled by the Moon. Due to the influence of this planet the moods of all Cancers are changing rapidly. But despite all this changes, the Cancer dog is quite a steady animal.

The mood of your Cancer dog is deeply interrelated with the whole emotional atmosphere in the house. This dog is always a reflection of the true feelings of it's owner. When you are in a good mood, he will be the happiest dog in the world, if something makes you sad, your Cancer dog is already walking gloomy.

Sometimes Cancer dog may become incredibly evil and aggressive: barking even on the members of his family, even trying to bite a strangers for no reason. But this condition of your dog will not last long - it will be changed after the next phase of the moon.

Cancer dogs are very cautious and even can be afraid of anything that is bigger than them in size, including inanimate objects, animals and people. These dogs are not fighters by nature and will do everything to avoid any confrontation. Instinctively, even at a great distance, Cancer dogs can determine their potential opponent. Are Cancers sociable? Yes and no. Usually all creatures born under this sign are very careful, even when meeting with friends at home. The first impression is very important for them.

Cancer dogs can not tolerate loud noises. Screaming electric saw or too loud energetic music coming out of the dynamic, may cause Cancer some serious dogs diseases like depression or neuroses.

Cancer is one of the most attentive signs of the zodiac. He never forgets anything, especially the injuries done to him, real or imaginary. And involuntary abuser will never deserve the good attitude of the Cancer dog.

Cancer dogs do not like to share their lodging with the other members of the animal world. After all, they must be fully confident in the security and stability of their existence, and any changes will be met negatively. Cancers will never share any of their favorite toys, not to be mentioned their favorite bones and their bed of course.

Cancer dogs do not like to travel. They are seasick, and may through out in any form of transport, also they hate long walks. Their happiness has no limit when they get back home even after a short trip. Despite a very reserved attitude to big companies, Cancer dogs are very gentle with children. Many of them prefer to spend as much time outdoors as it is possible, but not far from his native neighborhood. As a real cancer, Cancer dogs love water, that's why they often make an excellent rescuers.

Try to find some time to watch your Cancer dog for you to understand better his complicated nature. Cancer dogs often construct various hiding places around the house, where they hide the rest of the food left from their daily meals.Their favorite bowl may sometimes be full of the most delicious food, but Cancer dogs will jealously guard their hiding-places. There is no surprise that these dogs have a tendency to overeating, pay attention to this fact.

Cancer dog can not tolerate unexpected changes in his life. If your family is forced to move into a new house, the dog will take months and months to get used to his new conditions of existence, even if they are not very much different from the previous ones.

Dogs born under the sign of Cancer are usually in average weight and with the short legs. Often their heads are disproportionately large comparing to the body. Their teeth are not large, well-developed, healthy. Wool is usually dark, smooth, shiny.

It is hard not to fall in love with the Cancer puppy, they are very emotional, moving creatures. It is interesting to observe the changes of mood on their muzzles: they sometimes glow with happiness, sometimes fall in "black melancholy". The right emotional atmosphere in the new house is very important for the Cancer puppy. If a small dog will be in lack of love and attention, it will simply become too introverted. And further contact with the Cancer puppy will be given only with a great difficulties. Remember, Cancer is a sign of leadership, but "soft" leadership.

Cancer puppies are normally very well mannered. While they are little they are quite easy to train and they catch things pretty fast, but remember - everywhere and always this dog will try to follow only his own mysterious ways. Maybe you will hardly understand him time after time.

Cancer dog has many advantages as a companion: unobtrusive, for hours and hours he may be busy only with himself in his very fictional, but very cozy little world. Given even a minimum of toys little Cancer puppy will stay very quiet without chewing your shoes or destroying furniture even if he is left for several hours. But it's very important that you will be kind and attentive to him when you return.

Cancer puppy will be curious, but he knows the limit. It will never come to his mind to go for a long independent walk far away from home (like some Scorpio or Sagittarius puppy may do). Cancers do not support vagrancy, they love their "family nest" too much.

The most important things when raising a Cancer puppy are love and tenderness. It's the only way to win the his heart. And do not laugh at the dreaming little Cancer (although, really, a dog with such a blissful expression on it's face is looking quite comical).

Training of these creatures does not cause too much difficulty. But there are three indispensable "if": 1. If the disciplinary requirements are not too hard. 2. If the moon - in a favorable phase. 3. If no rain falls.

It's very important to remember that the Cancer dog has an exceptional memory, fixing any notable event of it's life. Another positive quality, significantly facilitating training: Cancers truly believe that if something is started it has to be brought to the end. Cancer dogs are working perfectly in a quiet, friendly atmosphere.

For your Cancer dog to grow up as a brave and confident creature, don't be too soft while training him. Everything must be in a healthy balance - sometimes you may need to be quite strict, but without any overreactions of course.

Cancer dogs are a very good parents. They have a strongly developed maternal instinct, and loving mother will watch and protect her offspring almost to adulthood. Large litters are very common phenomenon of Cancer dogs, but while raising up their puppies this dogs almost don't need their owner's assistance.

The most frequent illnesses of Cancer - the respiratory tract disorders of a different backgrounds. Also this dogs tend to suffer from diseases of the digestive system and all sorts of skin diseases, until ulcers.

So: if your house is always full of noisy guests there is a very small chance that a dog born under the sign of Cancer will feel comfortable there. Cancers prefer a quiet, cozy atmosphere. They are wonderful companions for children and teenagers. They need a truly never-ending love and affection. Cancer dogs absolutely can not be kept in the open air. They need a warm and safe house.