Taurus Dog

21 April - 20 May

A dog born under the sign of Taurus is always obedient, balanced, calm and peaceful. Rarely this dogs seek for a leadership. But don't try it's patience too often - if it's once lost nothing will stop this dog. On the other hand Taurus dog will never initiate a fight or even some noisy game by himself. Taurus dogs love to protect, and not only the house - also all dog's belongings (bones, toys, sticks) can not be touched. If it comes to protecting the owner - nothing would make Taurus dog happier! Also Taurus have a natural love for kids and will make a perfect babysitter even without any special training, but this dog may become a problem while body-guarding due to it's overreaction on it's duties.

Taurus dog loves fresh air, life in the farm would be perfect choice. It's very obvious that they have a desire for the land in every time or any weather. Open landscapes can make them the happiest dogs on Earth. In short, Taurus dogs adore their master, his family, his house and the rest of his properties.

Taurus puppy is always calm - even kind of slow. He wouldn't like any changes in the house. The best way to deal with him - in a gentle and decent manner. That will be the best way to discover the real potential of Taurus dog. Treated properly, Taurus puppy will become a real joy for his master - due to their unique ability to focus this dogs are usually very obedient. Regardless of sex all Taurus puppies are very gentle - they require allot of love and affection from their owners. Small Taurus prefer to sleep in a comfortable places - they may choose the owner's sofa for an afternoon nap. Beware, if it becomes one of his habits, you will never get rid of it. Another thing to notify - Taurus puppies tend to overeat and this may cost them some digestive tract disorders, so pay attention to their diet.

As for training - patience is a "golden rule" here as well. Taurus might be a little slow and needs more time than the others to remember this or another order, but if he learned something once, he will hold this skills in his memory forever, which is certainly making coexistence with him just one big pleasant experience.

This dogs do not like any fast movements and hate to be rushed. Be aware that for a Taurus dog his master is a real "foundation of the World", be patient, show him that you deserve this status. Do not yell on your dog, no pressure, no rude orders. Give your orders always in the same manner, in the same tone. All you need with this dog - a calm attitude and daily exercises. Be diplomatic with Taurus dog and you will never regret your choice.

Taurus dogs love to be washed and brushed, so prepare yourself to become a part time groomer. Also don't forget about the newest shampoos and conditioners for your dog - Taurus will certainly appreciate those.

Generally Taurus dogs are very healthy creatures. The major attention should be paid to the overeating issues. Some Tauruses prone to diseases of a reproductive system - males suffer from an infectious prostatitis, females - from inflammation of internal genital organs. This feature requires a regular monitoring by veterinarians.

Taurus dogs are, undoubtedly, great parents, very sensitive and attentive to their offspring. They always take a good care of the puppies. Normally the owner doesn't have to bother at all.

So: If you need a calm, steady and solid pet, who loves children, you probably should set your eyes on the Taurus dog. Will this be truly a correct choice?

Taurus rarely get sick, but is very slow to recover. Taurus is calm, but stubborn. Sometimes sentimental: they love luxury, light melodious music and a good food.

Taurus dog will be a true friend of yours, especially if you value your own home and comfortable life of a respectable person.