Aries Dog

21 March - 20 April

Born to be a leaders - Aries dogs are always energetic. They are brave, impulsive and restless. Aries dogs are always in the spotlight. They tend to dominate not only with the other dogs, but also with the members of a family. So be very careful if you are choosing a strong or large breed. And if you own an Aries dog - you have to get it very well trained and start those training as soon as possible, while it is still a puppy. On one hand Aries dogs are very much sociable, on the other - they are quite aggressive and easily go for fights.

Despite all this bad qualities, Aries dog is a real Dog - honest, devoted and courageous. They are naturally faithful with their owner and his family and always ready to protect them from anything. Aries dog would prefer to be the only pet in the family and will hardly get along with the other animals in the household. First 8-9 month will be the most "turbulent" period in Aries puppy life, as an adult dog Aries will be a confident defender and 100% protection of his house and his family.

Aries puppies are developing very fast - they are very active and very creative. Also you will have no complains from their appetite. But beware - purchasing Aries puppy you may find allot of problems. First of all, this little creature needs always to be busy with something. And he will. And sometimes he will get busy with something, you may not at all approve. So, you will necessarily have to be training and exercising your new puppy pretty much and pretty often. Here it would be very important to choose the right way to handle you Aries dog - only patience and kindness. No shouting, no abusing. Aries dogs have a very good memory and do not forgive mistreatment. Also they become very stubborn if not handled properly.

Aries puppy is very curious about everything - including training. And here is a great advantage for you - use this quality of his character, start training him as soon as possible and you will get yourself a guaranteed result - a dog all your friends and neighbors will envy. Don't forget to reward your puppy with some treats and some nice words, handle him respectfully, but don't forget - you are the leader in this pack. Your Aries dog must study those as a first lesson and never let him to forget it.

Aries dog is a brave creature and will make a fabulous guard dog. Sometimes it can be aggressive, even cruel, especially towards those of your acquaintances, who tend to hide their bad intentions behind the "frozen smile". In the young age this dog may have pretty much of a violent issues, but if survives those - it will gain courage and wisdom.

Aries dog may be naive, but it does not mean that it is silly or unintelligent. Aries is the first sign of zodiac, the starting point of life. Therefore, all animals born under this sign are known for their noble naive characters. However, it is possible that the dog-Aries can open up from the other side. If you will stress it, will not take care of it and will not show attention, it can become selfish, aggressive and stupid creature.

Basically, Aries dog wants to be loyal, but it will be a loyalty of the child. It should never be mistreated in any way. If, however, while dealing with such a dog you do not skimp on the proper praise and recognition of it's friendly displays, it will fight to the death for you and your honor. Aries dog is not experiencing feelings of fear if it is sure that it is fighting on the right side and for the right things.

The appearance of the Aries dog in your house (or any dog during the time of Aries) will mean the beginning of a new phase of your life, breakage of the old relationships and starting of the new ones. Providence has sent you this dog as compensation to those qualities that you might need at the moment - courage, confidence, inspiration.

Notify to yourself: Aries dog's devotion to it's master, takes over his illnesses and diseases. This dog is with you, until there is mutual affection. Do not be surprised if you find that your dog is uncomfortable in a dog kennel. Aries dogs can not tolerate lack of freedom, they are full of energy, which requires output. Consequently, they are just perfect dogs for such an owner, who leads an active lifestyle.