Leo Dog

23 July - 22 August

When you meet a Leo dog you easily recognize it - the most pure example of dignity and royal manners. No matter if Leo dog is purebred or it's so-called "mixed-breed" you found in the animal shelter, it seems to know it's "royal" origins and would behave this way.

Managed by the Sun, Leo dogs are always looking for knowledge, they always tend to discover new things - people, places and, of course, new dogs. Full of self-esteem this dogs are going for fights with the others, they are naturally looking for leadership. Indeed, they always get themselves a leader's role.

Leo dogs are very serious and very prone to philosophical reflection, so maybe it will be a good idea to give your companion a separate room.

Regarding the propensity of your barking Leo to all kinds of researches - you can take this dog to any journey. Leo dog will always be happy to try to turn every trip into an adventure. Like no other sign of the zodiac, the dog, born under the constellation of Leo, love hiking in the woods or a nearby park - where in fact under every bush you can find something interesting.

Any visitor that falls into the domain of respectable "King of beasts", will be adopted with the inherent king favor. But he will always know - whether it is another animal or person - that at the Leo's castle he is only a guest, even if the desired one.

All Leo dogs are by nature great protectors for all the members of the royal family, which, of course, includes you and your family members. But remember, this dog will feel miserable and broken, if the relationship with you will be set with the help of brutal force. Also a very negative reaction this "monarchs" of the dog's world will show to any encroachment on the "holy of holies" - their freedom. It is unacceptable to put a born Leo on a leash or lock him up for a long time in a closed space, you may simply "break" a dog's personality. But there is no way that you will let Leo to command - on the other hand - otherwise he may get used to it very soon and it would be rather difficult to change this situation. Best of all would work a solid, quiet, friendly treatment.

Leo dogs have a great difficulty adapting to new surroundings, so moving to another residence may cost this dogs a real psychological trauma, they are getting used to the new things very slowly. All Leo dogs, regardless of their gender, are perfect with children.

Leo puppies even at the tender age always look like a real princes. Leaving the little Leo for some time alone beside the house, do not be surprised if by the time you return, your puppy will be leading all the neighborhood cats and even dogs. He is a leader, and this is final!

Therefore never try to embarrass him, especially in front of another dogs or people. Leo puppy will be happier if he understand that his own willings are respected by his owner and things go the way he - the royal Leo - wants. Well, let him, if it does not go over the allowed limits! Be as gentle as possible while handling the young Leo - for it will only encourage your puppy to study better and make him more enthusiastic. Leos like to rule and show their competence and perfectness - which can be a very good advantage for the owner. All the lions by nature created for all kinds of exhibitions and competitions, so they really enjoy trainings and dog shows - it's a good chance for everyone to see how great the Leo dog is and this will flatter him allot.

Leos have several features that should be taken into account when training. First of all this dogs have an excellent memory. This animals are very fond of learning, and therefore they usually perform very good work. Do not forget about a treat after a successful outcome, but remember - the treat should always look like a well-deserved prize.

All Leo dogs are a little bit actors and love to be in the middle of attention. Some of their actions may seem too bizarre, but if necessary this dog will perform any exercise with brilliance, Leo dog will never back off in front of the imaginary or real danger.

Health care. The biggest health problems of Leo dogs come from cardiac issues. Therefore, before the terrible manifestation of symptoms will show up try to take your dog to a good vet from time to time for a check and strictly follow his recommendations.

Also Leos are prone to so-called "spinal" chronic illnesses: the displacement of a vertebral discs, low back pain are very common issues with Leo dogs. Fortunately, this diseases are quite easy to correct. Another weak spot - the liver. Keep this in mind and from an early age provide your Leo with the proper pet nutrition.

Lions - parents. Dogs born under a sign of Leo usually develop a very strong instinct of motherhood. This is an ideal mother, and normally there is no problem for a Lioness to raise up her puppies. Above all this Leo females usually have abundant and prolonged lactation, so the puppies grow up big and healthy.

So: If you are looking for the dog that will follow your orders immediately and without thinking, if you want to keep your dog permanently on a leash or locked in the house - Leo dog is not a right choice for you. After all, the king can not be a creature of the second class. Leo is the one who leads you on a leash! But if you need a dog to take care of your possessions (even small, even tiny), if you and your pets are ready to meet the royal manners, chose a Leo dog and get a noble, faithful to you until the end real King of all dogs.