Scorpio Dog

24 October - 22 November

Scorpio dog - regardless of breed - will have a deep, strong and independent character. Scorpio Dogs can choose themselves a master, and most importantly - can make their chosen person to become their master! They are able to initiate their own future. These animals may appear in the fatal moment, as if designed by your misfortune. It should be kept in mind that the animals that came to you during the Scorpion sign time, are particularly prone to different kinds of troubles. Never forget that fact that they are all, in varying degrees, the messengers of fate and treat them with a special attention.

Dobermans and Rottweilers - representatives of Scorpio sign, bred to perform intellectual protection, persistent, inflexible, able to feel through the distance. They are not known for high-friendliness, but are absolutely devoted to their owners - and only to them. This magnetic sign is sometimes attracting troubles, maybe that's why exactly this breeds sometimes do not have a good reputation.

Doberman and Rottweiler initially are the symbols of Scorpio, but every dog is born under his star and has his own horoscope. No matter what breed of cats or dogs, we might consider, all born, for example, in the period from 24 October to 22 November, have something in common: they were born under the sign of Scorpio.

As soon as you got yourself a Scorpio dog, you can expect a great changes in your life - for better or worse.

Scorpio dog may appear in your life at a critical moment and help to fundamentally transform your personality. Friendship between you and this dog will be strong and long-termed.

Unfortunately, this sign of zodiac tend to gain weight in the middle age, if the period of growth is not going under strict control of the amount of food absorbed. For several years the natural compact structure of Scorpio dog looks good, and then suddenly, almost immediately, after crossing the middle line of life, this dog may become fat and ugly. However, it eventually can easily be changed, and generally all Scorpios extremely well and with pleasure demonstrate their endurance.Sometimes this dog takes all day and covers great distances just to prove his ability to do well without rest.

If Scorpio dog gets sick, he will really suffer from those. The best treatment for him in this case - rest and relaxation, if you can persuade him to do it. He is a difficult patient, annoying, capricious, like life itself is too hard for him, grumbling and complaining in response to all your efforts. The best way to ensure his full recovery without any complications - professional care. Scorpions are prone to urogenital system disorders. Inflammation is quite an often issue with Scorpio dogs, so they should not be kept in a wet and cold places. It is desirable to avoid dry food, not to put too much stress on a excretory system.

Scorpio is a permanent water sign and symbolizes strength ... and the ability to sting. The dog, born under this sign is hiding a very strong character under the silky wool. Does not matter that his tail has no poison, but at the right time he will be able to produce a similar effect.

Almost all Scorpio dogs are to a certain extent, telepaths, and despite their efforts to remain calmness in times of stress, they very clearly demonstrate seeing something invisible. If you are destined to spend long time alone with him, it is worth to remember about the ability of Scorpio dog to hear much of what is not available for a human ears.

Aspiration of Scorpio dog to command sometimes may become really huge and includes everyone. Ignore his orders, reject his commands and never provide any services on his first demand. Scorpio dog is really looking for a strict treatment, because more than anything else he would appreciate the opportunity to defeat the strong enemy in the battle of minds.

Aside from fighting, the harsh exterior hides a loving Scorpio dog. But he rarely displays his love, in this question Scorpio dog is allot more reserved, than the other zodiac signs. He is ashamed of being sentimental, he may bite anyone who tries to pet him, and never disgrace himself to such an extent like being found sitting on your lap. According to Scorpio, all the other dogs are so dull and boring, that they hardly deserve his attention. Anger of the Scorpio dog is always unexpected and boundless until he can not control himself, so after meeting with him many dogs are returned home sad and wise, and never cross the line again.

Considering the compatibility of characters of the dogs and their owners born under this or another sign of the zodiac, it should be noted that the most important role is played by the so-called elements. Since you were born under the sign of Scorpio, your element is water, and the most productive for you will be an alliance with the dog, born under any water sign (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer). Man Scorpio will make the ideal owner for the Scorpio dog. They equally strike for power and leadership and that's how they fully understand each other. But of course a house where two (not only one) Scorpio is living for sure can not be called a"peaceful heaven". It looks much more like a battlefield, where the commanders of the opposing parties are fighting for the sake of high pleasure.

The next, and indeed the only representative of another sign, with a chance to stand up against the Scorpio, is Cancer. Some people say, though, Pisces are able to withstand such great tension, but they should risk only in the most extreme case. All others should avoid this zodiac type, which by nature is not exactly loving and peaceful.