Sagittarius Dog

23 November - 21 December

In Greek mythology, Sagittarius represents the centaur Chiron. It is likely that among the dogs, leaving their owners and running away from home, the percentage of Sagittarius is very high. They love freedom and long journeys. How to deal with this independence in relations with pets? Let them be free, and they'll never let you down and they will not betray.

Sagittarius dog, if persecuted, will run away, no matter what it's gonna cost, but eventually would anyway return to the owner, whom he loved and never forgot. There is no greater happiness for this dog than go with the master for a trip. Sagittarius dog will not be particularly interested in the nature itself, but the opportunity to travel petrifies him. Sagittarius dog is a fighter and tireless ladies' man, for whom a run to a nearby village for his beloved female - is a piece of cake. Do not be jealous, do not worry - during their romantic trips your favorite pets will always remember you and will always return home. The only thing you need to do - is to protect your four legged friend from his extreme recklessness.

Sagittarius dogs - among the breeds - can be presented by hounds, setters and spaniels - this hunting dogs, running on the trail. They know their goal - the game - and they follow it. They are sociable, can be well-trained easily, and also they are not at all capricious. Sometimes, as a fire sign, they want to show some stubbornness and to insist on their willing, but in this case, you need to remind them who is the boss. Sagittarius - is the mildest of all fiery signs. Dogs of these breeds are always reckless and tireless. Problems in Sagittarius dogs may arise, if they can not realize their instinct to hunt. If they have no purpose, no goal in them lives, they become restless, nervous.They must be constantly busy.

Greyhound, Setter, Spaniel initially are symbols of Sagittarius, but every dog is born under his star and has his own horoscope. No matter what breed of cats or dogs, we might consider, all born, for example, in the period from 23 November to 21 December, have something in common: they were born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius dogs normally have harmonious proportions, their bodies are suited for vigorous physical exercises. They also got a bright sparkling eyes, wet and healthy nose, thin, graceful limbs. But when the influence of the "horse's part" of Sagittarius is stronger, the body becomes unusual for a dog's shape: long legs with very small paw, too big nose, too pointed ears, very long neck. The weak point of Sagittarius dog - joints, especially hip joint. The owner must be very attentive to the puppy, not to miss, if there will be any deviation in development.

This dog is generally healthier than most of the other dogs, but often hurts itself because of excessive activities. Then Sagittarius may get extensions, and will be covered with bruises, so the owner will have to call a veterinarian. This situation will continue until the old age would make Sagittarius to calm down and take life easier.

This difficult dog has exclusively his own problems - no one can help him here, but himself. No one knows which of the two rebel forces in him he obeys - the dog or horse (remember, the Sagittarius image).

Sagittarius dog adores free life outside. He believes that houses and apartments are stifling, unhealthy, and if he will inevitably have to live in them, he - Sagittarius - should destroy them as much as possible. As the archer, he instinctively knows where to aim, so with the least effort he could cause maximum of troubles around.

As it is unacceptable for Sagittarius to learn from anyone, except himself, he can be trained only on his own experience, and therefore he will get his knowledge slowly. Again and again he repeats every experiment, each time making the same mistakes. Sagittarius is an independent dog who prefers to choose his friends by himself. If (for some reason) he is not admitting you as suitable person for himself, he will treat you as a casual friend, who spends next to him a lot of time, since both of you have to live in the same house. He is almost always polite, arrogant and indifferent, if he is regularly provided with food and the roof over his head. Most of his time he spends on visits to his favorite friends (which were chosen by himself of course). His own experience leads this dog to doubts in your every lesson. At the same time Sagittarius dog is extremely inventive.

Sagittarius dog is getting in contact with other dogs just as easy, as with the other people - unobtrusively meeting them during his independent trips. If someone makes him angry, he becomes a great fighter.

The appearance of the Sagittarius dog in your home (or any other dog in the time of Sagittarius) indicates that you have riched the time of the highest achievements in the spiritual and the material life of yours. Maybe there is an incredible journey waiting for you, a time of change and new experiences.

Note for yourself that Sagittarius dogs are bruise easily and often take an imaginary for real. Be patient with them.They love cleanliness and order. Sagittarius is a lucky sign for the dogs involved in racing. They enjoy staying in a good company of friends and love to party. Sagittarius dogs are always in motion. They are regular participants of different exhibitions and competitions. They are very creative. And if you will succeed to understand them, they may pleasantly surprise you not even for once in your life, or even bring you fame and money. Frankly you have to be ready for just anything when you own Sagittarius dog - maybe one day your favorite pet will land on the other planet under the direct attention of TV cameras.